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In early 2022, Spardha ITC plans to launch Spardha Academy of Performance (SAP), a laboratory for actors to develop their artistry on acting, scenic presence and performative articulations. The lab will cater to acting on stage, and in film and television. Headed by Syed Jamil Ahmed, it will be run by Mohsina Akhter and Sohel Rana as permanent faculties, and noted film and television directors and actors as guest faculties. In future, Spardha ITC plans to extend the field of the lab to explore direction and scenography for theatre and the media.



Spardha: ITC firmly believes in praxis, i.e., symbiosis between reflective action and critical theorization. In order to enhance the theoretical base for theatre practitioners particularly in Bangladesh but also all over the world, it engages in knowledge production by means of theoretical as well as ethnographic research. The core members have just completed an extensive field-level investigation on indigo rebellion in colonial Bengal. More researches are in the process of implementation.


The core group members of Spardha ITC have conducted and published a number of research papers on modern theatre, indigenous  theatre  and  applied theatre in Bangladesh, both in  English  and   Bangla. You  are  welcome to   browse  through some  of  the  content.


Spardha Independent Theatre Collective is a professional non-profit platform based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is run on a collective spirit by a core group of three members. Established in 2018, Spardha ITC aims at promoting professional practice in modern theatre of Bangladesh. It seeks to produce cutting-edge performances that are underpinned by ethico-political sensibility to make significant  meaning  of  contemporary life  resonates with the people in Bangladesh in particular and the world in general. Committed to heterogenous philosophy and secular ethos of Bangladesh, Spardha ITC bridges the indigenous theatre practices of Bangladesh and the best of the world theatre in a manner that effuses the infinite variety of human existence.


Spardha itc is hiring experinced set designer with at least two years of expereince. Send your CV to



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